Have you ever asked yourself, “What’s the best handyman near me?” Look no further. We are it!

Great Value Handyman is not just our name, it is our promise. Whether it is a big remodeling job or small job like a ceiling fan repair, as a customer you want a quality job for a reasonable price. And, that is what you’ll get when you hire Great Value Handyman services.

As a homeowner, one of the biggest headaches is when something breaks. You may push this task aside thinking that you will get to it later, but the next thing you know that to-do list has grown.

Do you really want to spend your weekend looking up YouTube and DIY videos on how to make home repairs? Not to mention, spending hours in the hardware store figuring out what you need only to get back home and realize that you forgot something. Don’t waste your time on repairs. Our expert repair team is top notch and can handle all of your repair needs.

Great Value Handyman is happy to take on the smallest jobs to those jobs that are more difficult and complex. Our home service experts are qualified to handle, this entire list plus more:

  • Assembly
  • Baby Proofing
  • Carpentry
  • Cleanup
  • General Labor
  • Installation
  • Lawncare
  • Maintenance
  • Painting
  • Picture and Art Hanging
  • Remodeling
  • Repair
  • Tiling
  • Wall Mounting
  • Vacant Property Preservation

We take pride in your household and treat every job like it’s our own home.

Taking pride in your residence is paramount. And nothing says this better than a fully functioning well-cared for home.  Our home improvement experts are skilled to handle your needs in a fast manner, while providing a quality service like no other. Fixing your home issues is our specialty. We are the authority in residential home restoration.

We are known for quality workmanship, strong work ethic and commitment to our customers. Pride in our work is a priority, along with delivering exceptional results competitively priced for all budgets.

Is your home an older model? Don’t worry. Have a newer home with “smart” features? No problem. Have no clue where your home fits in? No need to. This is because we have the ability to handle all types of issues that come with older and newer homes!

Our team is known to provide the best handyman services in the area. We continue to keep current on the updates and changes in this technology age. And we have a wealth of knowledge and skills.

We understand the frustration you have when something needs to be fixed, or a job needs to be done. It’s inconvenient, and the amount of home projects starts to buildup. Is that room painted in that awful color, or is the paint chipping? If so, that room is probably not presentable for houseguests. Toilet malfunctioning? That last thing you need is one less toilet with a house full of people.

Whatever the job, we will get it done for you.  We know you’re not an expert. As a result, selecting the best fix it doctor can be tricky. This can be all the more true if you are a first time homeowner, and you’ve never had to deal with contractors. 

There can be all kinds of headaches associated with choosing the wrong repair person. For example, the repair tech may not perform a quality job. This means more money out or your pocket to actually get the job done correctly. Not to mention the mounting frustration that comes with the delays.

There have been so many times when our home service experts had to fix issues that were made worse by unqualified technicians. That is why performing your due diligence prior to hiring a contractor is crucial. Obtaining information about a home repair company prior to hiring them can help you avoid paying more than you need to in the long run.

We’ve provided you some questions to help you interview companies and determine which is the best fit for you. Remember to ask these important questions which may help you identify the best handyman service.

7 Important Questions to Ask Prior to Choosing a Service Provider

  1. What kind of education, training and experience do you have to perform these types of repairs?

Inquire if the company has a training program. As with anything you purchase, you want to know that you’re getting your money’s worth. This can’t happen if the service person hasn’t received the proper education and/or training.

Why is a trained workforce so important? Because being trained means the technicians are keeping up with the latest advancements in repairs and learning new skills. Learning new skills may cut the time a tech needs to actually spend on your repair job, reduces mistakes, and lessens costs out of your pocket. When contractors receive continued training, they also have more confidence in their work and morale in their company. Ultimately this may positively impact how the services they provide to you as the customer.

  • Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

Don’t make the mistake of asking this question, but not getting evidence. For example, the service person you hire should be able to provide you evidence of their insurance policy, business license or bonding contract. If they answer that they are licensed, bonded and insured then ask for proof!

  • Does your company have workers’ compensation insurance?

Don’t stop at just asking if they’re insured. That’s not enough! As a homeowner or business owner you have no idea the huge liability you may have if the service provider is not property insured with workers’ compensation.

Although potential injury of a provider is a concern, if they don’t have workers’ compensation insurance, as a homeowner you can be held liable for injuries inside and outside of your home. What does this mean? If they don’t have workers’ compensation insurance, you could be responsible for their medical bills!

  • Do you have a contracting license?

This type of license is different than a business license. A business license permits someone to operate a business. But there may also be an additional requirement that they be a licensed contractor or have another type of credential.

Not all cities, states, counties, and towns require a contractors’ license or other type of credential.

Remember for whatever service that you need, determine if an additional license is required for that specific service the contractor is providing.

  • Who will obtain the permits and set up the inspections?

Permits and inspections are not required by all states/cities/towns for every job. However, especially with remodeling jobs they usually do. The home repair company you hire should know if permits and inspections are required and how to obtain them.

  • Are background checks performed on your service team members?

There’s a lot going on in the world. A company who does criminal and sex offender background checks on their employees is a must. Don’t let anyone inside of your home or business unless you know they’ve been thoroughly checked out.

  • Will you provide references upon request?

References are important. Being able to speak with a company’s current clients or customers about their experience can be quite helpful in understanding what you can expect.

  • What is the length of time you’ve been in business?

The length of time a provider has been in business can provide insight into their reliability, quality of service, experience and more.

Nothing against newer companies, but there is something to be said for a company that has been in operation for many years. Experienced companies have already experienced growing pains that newly formed companies have not. Companies with experience may have better quality standards built into their service approach.

Ask the company to tell you about their controls and systems in place to ensure they provide a quality job at a price you can afford. Regardless of what type of company you choose, ask them how they will ensure they meet your expectations.

If you have any concerns, be open with the contractor and give them an opportunity to address them.

The bottom line is you’re the customer. And you have every right to be comfortable with the provider you hire. And this means asking questions until you are satisfied. Don’t be afraid to ask! Call us now. We want to answer all of your questions so you feel comfortable hiring us.