How to Prep Your Drywall Before Painting

Are you aware that most homes are constructed using drywall? It’s popularly used in homes because it’s easier and quicker to install plus they’re cheaper. Over the years, the popularity of drywall has grown tremendously. However, since it’s made from inexpensive material, they can dent easily. It’s not uncommon for drywalls to look dingy. IfContinue reading “How to Prep Your Drywall Before Painting”

Creating a Festive Home in Time for the Fourth of July

The fourth of July is a monumental time for every American because this was when the U.S. declared its independence. As July fourth draws near, consider ways to spruce up your home since this is a common time for friends and family to visit and celebrate. If you intend to host an intimate get-together, redecoratingContinue reading “Creating a Festive Home in Time for the Fourth of July”

Making Home Improvements in May and Beyond

What makes the month of May special? Why do people look forward to this time of the year? There are plenty of reasons to celebrate this awesome month! National Truffle Day, World Press Freedom Day, Cinco de Mayo, International No Diet Day (yes, apparently this day exists! Hooray!), Mother’s Day, and National Chocolate Chip DayContinue reading “Making Home Improvements in May and Beyond”