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Safety is the top priority when it comes to household electrics. Signs of electrical problems on your home circuit may be frequent electric surges, light switches not working properly and lights going out and then coming back on. A high energy bill is also a common indicator that some attention may be needed in the electrical department at your residence. We have identified some problems below that may sound familiar to you.

  • Broken light fixture
    • Ceiling fan only works on one speed
    • Circuit Overload
    • Damaged Socket
    • Dimly lit or dark area inside or outside home
    • Electrical Shocks
    • Flickering Light
    • Hard to reach light bulbs, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
    • Light bulbs frequently burning out
    • Light won’t turn on
    • Loose Wall Switch
    • Noisy Operation
    • Wobbly ceiling fan

Stop living in the dark and call us for a quick fix. Ask us about your electrical problem. We will be able to share if there are any state and local licensing requirements that are needed to fix your issue.
Are any of these issues creating a problem for you? Here are only some of the electrical handyman services we provide.


When the warm weather arrives, you depend on your ceiling fan to keep you cool. When the ceiling fan breaks, your patience is sure to get heated as well. There are several things that can go wrong with this fixture as we listed below. If you are experiencing issues with your fan, call us.

  • Flickering Light
    Does your fan have a light fixture? If so, the light flickering on and off is a common issue that we see. The bulb simply may need to be replaced. But this may not be the case. There could be an internal defect that you cannot see. Voltage fluctuation could cause a flickering light as well. It is best that you involve a professional that is qualified to work with electricity.
  • Noisy Operation
    If you have had your fan for a while, you are aware of the normal sound it makes while operating. Loud sounds during operation are not normal. Again this may mean loose connections in the fixture, box or fan itself. The ball bearings may also contribute do this problem.
  • Only Works on One Speed
    A frequent complaint is the fan only works on one speed when turned on. Multiple reasons may cause this, including ball bearings, overheating motor, failing capacitator or other defect.
  • Will Not Turn On
    There may be different reasons why your fan will not come on. One main reason is that it may not be receiving electricity. If you have already confirmed that the circuit breaker has not tripped or been turned off, it may be time to call us. There could be issues with loose wiring and connections. Broken parts inside of the fan could also be the bad guy.
  • Wobbly When On
    Probably one of the most issues that causes our customers to be uncomfortable to even turn the fan on is when it wobbles. A wobbling ceiling fan looks like it is going to fall of the ceiling and hurt someone. Damaged blades, improper installation or poor quality are three main reasons. When the blade brackets, box screws, down rod or other connected parts fail it can contribute to this issue. Just like anything, with repeated use there is ultimately a breakdown.


Light is essential in every room. Without the proper light you cannot perform work around the house, cook meals or read a recipe or book clearly. Is that light bulb not lighting up at all? Is your lightbulb flickering?


Is there poorly lit or dark area in your home? An easy fix would be to install a light fixture.  Or perhaps you’re upgrading the light fixture you have with a new one.

The proper tools, technique and training are important to install a light fixture properly. Our technicians know how to install light fixtures and troubleshoot any issues. Once we’re done the only thing left is for you to enjoy your well-lit space.


Loose electrical switches and sockets can be a safety hazard. Repairing these items can also be a safety concern. Error on the side of caution and let our home expert repair team do the work for you.


Speedy and efficient service is what you’ll receive when we install your dimers, timers and motion detectors. If you need recommendations on the types to consider, we can help you with that too. Whatever your electrical needs, our home fixing team can address any issues in a jiffy.

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