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Great Value Handyman™ offers all types of repairs for your home. Whatever you need done, no matter which room in your home, we can get the job done. Don’t see something on this list? No problem, call us. We have the expertise to relieve many types of repair headaches.
We are happy to take on the smallest jobs to those jobs that are more difficult and complex. Our home service experts are qualified to handle this entire list plus much more:

Although it is a small space, the bathroom is one of the most used spaces in the house. A running toilet and leaky faucet are minor nuisances that can become a big annoyance.
The need for bathroom repairs does not end there. No one wants to get into the shower, bathtub or brush their teeth without the correct water pressure. We are knowledgeable and available to get that water pressure right for you.


Countertops are used frequently and it’s not surprising that they can start to look the part.
Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or family room, you rely on these workspaces to support your needs. Has your countertop been stained, scratched, or scorched? Maybe it’s just plain unattractive. Let us know what you are looking for. We can help bring the new back into this household item.


Without the proper care, decks can deteriorate fast. The aging process compounded by the accumulation of damage and debris can be an eyesore. As the gathering place for family events, houseguests and entertaining, the deck must look the part. The worst case scenario is rotting of the wood. We typically see rot around stairs and handrails since it’s more challenging to seal the area effectively. With the wood falling apart as it rots, this can pose a safety hazard. In this case the rot needs to be repaired, and inspected to ensure its integrity. Finally sealing is needed to protect the wood from exposure to elements that may cause rotting again. Color loss in wood happens slowly and eventually turns a gray color as it ages.

Other types of issues with decks include board gaps and structural weakness. Shrinking of wood can occur over time. This may create gaps in the deck. Although the best intentions, inexperienced homeowners attempt a DYI deck install. Due to the lack of experience of the homeowner, the deck’s structural integrity is impacted.

Contact us fast for help!


Doors are unavoidable. They provide entry into your home, and once inside doors provide access into various rooms. Door problems are more common than you think. Sometimes homeowners become so used to living with a door problem, they do not realize inconveniences they cause.

A functioning door is paramount not only for convenience, but also for cost savings. Do any of these sounds like the problems you are dealing with?

  • Drafty Doors
    Replacing a door has its cost, but a drafty door is throwing money out of the window. Especially if the climate you live in varies in higher and lower temperatures, your energy bill may be impacted if you have a drafty door.
  • Swings Open or Closed
    Does your door slowly swing open or start to close even though you do not want it to. It is a common experience to have a door that will not stay in a fixed position. This may be due to the hinges or other common issues.
  • Noisy Door
    Some sort of noise can be associated with doors when they are being opened or closed. But constant creaking, rattling or squeaking is not normal. Not to mention, these noises often become annoying.
  • Sticking
    A sticking door can be frustrating. It makes opening and closing your door difficult. This issue may be noticed during warmer months or climates.
  • Door Will Not Stay Closed
    When you close a door, obviously you want it to stay shut. Are you experiencing a door that opens and will not stay closed all of the way? There could be an alignment issue between the strike plate and the latch.


Holes, scuffs, and cracks are some of the few things you may have noticed on the drywall in your house. You may have no idea how this happened. Drywall damage can be contributed to number of things. Take a look at this list of drywall damage and the ways we can help.

  • Cracking
    You notice a small crack one day, and it seems like it’s grown twice the size in no time. Visitors and guests will definitely notice. Growing cracks form from areas that hold moisture. If left unattended, more drywall damage may occur and impact the house’s foundation.
  • Holes
    Holes in the drywall is definitely not the look you are going for. They could have happened due to a number of reasons including a doorknob hitting the drywall, the kids playing and falling into the wall or something else hitting the wall with a forceful impact.
  • Popping Nails
    Over time a nails may pop thorough drywall. This typically happens if nails are not securely placed in the middle of the stud or joist. Do not attempt to hammer the nail back as more damage may occur, and the nail may come back out again.
  • Pests
    Rodents and termites can do their fair share of damage to drywall. Initially, you may not even notice the damage until it becomes too obvious to ignore. Signs of a pest problem could show on your drywall as bubbling, small pinholes, bubbling paint, and an empty sound when knocking on the wall.
  • Scuffs
    Have you noticed scuff marks on your drywall? Scuff marks are unsightly. They have been known to be caused by furniture or other items being placed too close to the wall.
  • Water Damage
    Before repairing the drywall you want to confirm there is not a broken water line. If there is, the water line should be repaired first.  Water damaged drywalls need to be repaired. Why? Besides not looking the greatest, the drywall is weakened and will not hold up.

Other areas that cause issues are loosened joint tape, dented corner bead, and tile removal. Our handymen are ready, willing and able to repair your drywall fast.


A screen door is just want you need to let air and light in, or give you the view that you want. It becomes impossible to use the screen door when it is broken or damaged. Especially if the screen itself is torn insects, debris or small animals may gain access to your home. Our home repair team can fix your screen doors woes, such as:

  • Screen Door Doesn’t Slide Smoothly
  • Replacing A Torn Fiberglass Screen
  • Door Is Leaking Water Around The Edges

If you have an issue with your screen door and you don’t see it hear, do not count us out. We have an experienced team that has dealt with most issues.


Leaks from the sink are no fun. The constant drip of water creates pooling which may also result in water damage. Not to mention, leaks leaves a mess on the inside of the cabinet and possible mildew, mold and rust issues.

Put a stop to the constant annoying drip by letting us handle you job.


Is there a staircase in your home that has missing, damaged or loose steps? You have probably said to yourself many times “I need to get that fixed before someone gets hurt.” Other issues with stairs may be:

  • Made with a slippery material
  • Handrails that are damaged or missing
  • Rotting Wood
  • Crumbling concrete
  • Uneven steps
  • Loose tiles

Do not delay. Call us today to get those stairs in perfect working order.


There could be several issues with your tile. It may be damaged due to excessive use over the years. Or you could have experienced a poor installation job. Regardless if there is loose or cracked tile we are sure we can resolve your issues.


A window frame that is in good condition is important. This is because it supports and surrounds the entire window. A window frame can suffer from the elements of outside and overtime become damaged including rotting.

We promise to deliver top notch results when you choose us for your repair needs.


Poor quality or damaged windows are a likely culprit for non-efficient energy. In addition, your family’s safety could be at risk. Have you experienced any of these issues with your windows?

  • Broken window pain
  • Drafts or unwanted air creeping in
  • Difficult to open
  • Fogging
  • Water leaking through
  • Warping or rotting

Put all of these worries behind but contacting us. We will provide quality workmanship that you will be proud of.


Is your window screen damaged? No need to replace the full window. We can fix the screen. Avoid unwanted insects, pests, airborne debris or other items finding their way into your home. It is nearly impossible to get fresh air, let the sunshine in or even see that beautiful view with screen that is in ill repair. Our techs are only a phone call away.


A damaged patio is not only a safety hazard but an eyesore. As a common area to host guests, have events and even cookout the patio needs to be a safe area as well as look its best. Pavers sinking? Poor drainage? Weed growth coming between the joints? Trip hazards? These are some of the common issues with patios.

Pavers that are sinking could mean a bigger problem. For example, drainage issues could be the root cause. Drainage issues may start as benign with water pooling on top of the patio. But if left uncorrected, drainage issues can then cause pavers to cave in or sink.

Quality construction of the patio’s base is important. If this task is not performed correctly, the pavers may be uneven. Uneven pavers mean a trip hazard which compromises the safety of your family and guests. Speaking of quality, separation of pavers from the edge of the patio may arise without an effective edging system.


Similar to the leaky faucet, a non-stop dripping showerhead has its headaches. Excess moisture from this broken fixture could mean that mold forms on unwanted areas. There could be a simple solution to fixing this device. But the sooner the better for your peace of mind and your pocket. 


A toilet that will not stop running can increase your water bill. A clogged toilet is even worse because one less toilet means a line at the bathroom door of the toilet that is working.

Other toilet nuisances include it not flushing, flushing slowly, flushing several times when you only flush once, the bathtub and/or sink making noises when you flush.

If you are experiencing these or other issues, it may be time for our professional team to help you.


When working properly, the ventilation system reduces humidity and moisture. Is it still humid long after you have taken a shower? If so this could mean poor ventilation. Moisture residue drip may form on walls and surfaces and cause stains. Let us check your vents and fans to ensure they are not damaged. A duct cleaning may be just what you need.

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