Installation Services

Installation Services

Are you aware that damaged and defective appliances and furniture pieces can be a result of poor installation? If you are thinking about doing a DIY installation to save a couple of bucks, you might deeply regret it. At Great Value Handyman, we have professional installers that specialize in installing household countertops, doors, windows, floors, and many more. Our skilled and experienced handymen offer services at a reasonable price.


If your patio or deck doesn’t have a roof or covering, we offer affordable awning installation. You can choose between a retractable or fixed awning so you can enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the sun. An awning not only protects you against the heat but also offers protection for your furniture from harmful UV rays. 


Now that a baby is coming, you should start preparing your home to make it safe for your little one. Our expert home improvement handymen will install baby-proof features into your homes like locks and gates to protect your baby against unnecessary accidents. 


Are you a basketball fanatic? If you are, you’ll be happy to know that our team offers a basketball hoop installation service. Our home improvement experts can install your basketball hoop whether it’s second-hand, preloved, or brand new. We can assemble the parts efficiently and securely for you.


Blackboard installation is a job we’re good at. The size won’t matter to us as we’ve been doing this for years! We’re the best professional to install your blackboards whether it’s in the kitchen or classroom, you can count on us.  


Did you know our company is known for its skillful carpentry craftsmanship? With our years of experience in home improvement, you can sit back and relax while we efficiently install your bathroom and kitchen cabinets for you. 


If you want to give your kitchen or bathroom a refreshing new look you should consider installing new countertops. Countertops come in many different colors and designs. You may consult with our expert installers to help find the countertop that best suits your budget and style. Our team has years of experience in providing excellent quality countertop installation service. 


When installing crown molding, we do our best to make sure that the crown molding will blend beautifully with your home’s theme. Whether it’s contemporary, modern, or colonial, you can be confident that our handymen will get the job done right. 


We provide excellent door installation services such as storm doors, pet doors, pocket doors, closet doors, entryway doors, interior doors, and virtually any type of door you can think of. Aside from door installation, we also offer door finishing and painting just in case your doors need refurbishing. Great Value Handyman has the talent, skills, and tools needed to give you beautiful and functional doors. 


Are you aware that it only takes a couple of improvements in your home to significantly reduce your energy bill by up to twenty percent? Our trusted handymen can inspect your home and offer energy efficiency improvements so you can benefit from federal home tax credits.


We are also proud to offer plumbing fixture installations as well as faucet and showerhead installation. Home project repairs and installations are our forte. 


Do you know that there are many different types of flooring materials? And did you know that we can install them all? Decide what type of flooring you want for your home and give us a call. We’ll send our team to be there wherever you are. 


Not everyone has the energy to clean up rain gutters after the fall and spring seasons. This job takes a lot of work. We offer gutter guard installation to prevent you from spending unnecessary expenses on gutter damage that has been caused by ice accumulation and debris buildup. Having gutter guards installed also reduces your cleaning expense. 


Adding handrails will not only improve the aesthetics of your home but will also enhance its safety. You can install handrails in tub showers, basements, and even in garages. Our technicians have the training to install different types of handrails whether they are specially customized for you or bought directly from the store. 


Installing lighting and electrical fixtures is extremely dangerous and could result in accidental electrocution. When it comes to installing lighting and electrical fixtures call Great Value Handyman. We strictly follow state requirements to ensure maximum safety and security. 


Did you know that the temperature in your home can affect your mood and productivity? Luckily, technology has allowed us to control our home’s temperature through the thermostat. Our experts offer thermostat installation so you can maintain the ideal temperature you want for your entire home. You can keep yourselves comfortable regardless of the season.


To update the look of your bathroom you can take the old toilet out and replace it with a new one. Our fully insured handymen can easily and efficiently install a new toilet in your bathroom. If you’d like to learn more about this project feel free to ask us. 


A smart way to save space in your home is to mount your TV whether it’s in your living room or bedroom, let us professionally install it for you. Mounting a TV may look simple and easy but trust us, it requires strategic planning, skills, knowledge, and strength. We are proud and confident that our team is able to safely and securely mount your TV. 


Adding shelves to your home is a great way to organize your living space. We offer different types of shelving whether it’s in your living room, laundry, garage, you name it! If you can’t quite figure out what shelving you want, our handymen can assist and guide you so you can create your own unique shelving system.


Window installation is also one of the best services we offer. Our professional staff is trained and experienced in repairing, replacing, and installing all window types.

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