TV Mounting DIYs: Common Pitfalls to Avoid

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TV Mounting DIYs: Common Pitfalls to Avoid

You recently bought an expensive flat screen tv but now you’re wondering how on earth are you going to mount it on the wall. Although the Internet is brimming with DIY tutorial videos and blogs, it’s not worth the risk. We’re just going to put it out there, a DIY tv wall mount installation is dangerous and we would not recommend it. This is a job that requires training, skill, strength, and experience and if you don’t have any of these, you’ll run the risk of hurting not just yourself but your precious appliance as well. 

Before you decide to do the job yourself, consider the possible consequences. Are you ready to be devastated if your project doesn’t go according to plan? Can you provide a warranty for when things go wrong? It’s not just the cost of the television that’s at stake if you don’t hire professional installers. You’re also putting yourself at risk of injuries. There are other home projects you can do by yourself but please, don’t include tv mounting. This job isn’t made for ordinary people with zero training. 

 The following are reasons why you should not skimp on a tv mounting service

  1. Failing to Anchor Your TV on the Wall

One of the dangers of DIY tv mounting is the inability to securely anchor your tv to the wall. If you miss a step in the mounting and installation process, your tv is definitely going to fall off the wall. There won’t be enough support to keep it in place. The outcome is likely to be disastrous if you failed to anchor your flat screen to the wall or the technique you used in anchoring your tv was incorrect. The materials you use also matter because if the anchors cannot support your tv’s weight or if they are not designed for wall mounting, it’s not going to hold. 

  1. Risk of Dropping Your TV

While it’s true that the television models these days are lighter compared to the models produced ten years ago, weight isn’t the only factor you need to worry about. Remember, TVs come in different sizes and shapes, which makes it all the more difficult since you have to lift them and then mount them to the wall. If you accidentally loosen your grip on your flat screen tv, you know what’s going to happen next. 

  1. Not Anticipating the Distance of the Power Source

When mounting a tv whether it’s in your entertainment area, family area, living room, or bedroom, we’re sure you’re only concern is the aesthetics. And since people are focused on finding a good spot for the tv they tend to forget where the power source is. Usually, when this happens they resort to using extension wires and cords. 

Unfortunately, extension wires are tripping and fire hazards. If you don’t like to use extension wires, your only option is to use your own tv’s cord but that would mean stretching it until it reaches the power source. If you do this, your cord will get damaged and become a fire hazard. 

Why Should You Hire Great Value Handyman?

When it comes to handling expensive appliances like a television set, DIY installation and mounting are definitely not advisable despite the plethora of information and instructions you’ll find online. If you want your tv to last for years you should invest in a tv wall mount service. Your TV is not the only thing we’re concerned about. Your safety is also at risk if you attempt to do a tv wall mount

May we remind you that TVs are heavy and they are gigantic. Can you really lift it up let alone mount it just so you could save a few dollars? Imagine if you dropped your tv and it got shattered or if you accidentally hurt your back and pinched a nerve because of bad posture? How much money do you think that will cost you? You guessed it right, it will probably cost you double or triple. So why take the risk when you can call on professionals to mount your tv for you?

At Great Value Handyman, we are proud of our years of experience installing and mounting different television sets that range in all shapes and sizes. Our reliable staff received ample training to ensure that they safely and efficiently mount your tv while considering all factors that will affect convenience, safety, and more importantly your viewing experience. Contact Great Value Handyman or call us at 570-325-1275. Our team will be right at your doorstep at the agreed date and time. We take pride in our team’s honesty, punctuality, and performance. 



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June 16, 2021






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