TV Mounting Service

TV Mounting Service

Gone are the days of bulky, box-shaped television sets because today, almost every household owns a flat-screen TV. Homeowners are torn between securing their flat-screen TV on a rack or mounting it on a wall. Some prefer the old-fashioned way of watching movies by placing their TV on a piece of furniture. And then there are the brave ones who attempt to do the TV wall mount installation themselves. 

To save the most space, and have the ideal location to watch your favorite shows, we suggest mounting it on the wall. To those who gave TV wall mount a try, kudos to you! If you’ve never mounted a flat-screen TV in your life, trust us, it’s a game-changer. 

Check the backside of your television and you’ll find mounting holes. The rationale behind its flat shape is so that it can be mounted easily. The viewing experience of a mounted TV will make you appreciate your favorite movies and shows ten times better! The viewing angles are so amazing that you will never want to leave home. 

Is It Safe to Mount a TV to the Wall?

Believe it or not but flat-screen TVs are designed to be mounted. A lot of people are worried that it might be dangerous. Well, it will only be dangerous if you don’t hire professional experts to install your television. Companies that offer TV mounting services are trained to safely secure your precious flat screens. 

What are the Advantages of a Mounted TV?

One advantage of a mounted TV is that it gives your home more space. You can get rid of a space-consuming TV rack or table because you don’t need it to hold your TV. It’s also safe for your kids since they can’t run into your rack or furniture. Imagine if your kids and pets run around your living room and they accidentally bumped into the rack? Your television will likely fall on the ground and be ruined, not to mention causing someone injury.

Can You Mount Your TV By Yourself? 

Yes, you may but we don’t recommend it. If you look at YouTube tutorial videos you might be convinced that it’s easy, but in practice it can be pretty complex, not to mention unsafe. Flat-screen TVs are heavy and if you have no experience in mounting, TVs you might not be able to hold the appliance securely. 

To reduce the risk of accidents and possible damage to your expensive TV and your wall, we suggest you hire professional experts to install your TV. 

Why Hire Great Value Handyman? 

#1 Your TV Costs A Lot

Even if you got your flat screen TV on a sale or whether it was given to you and your spouse as a wedding gift, TVs, in general are expensive. The price usually depends on the quality of the screen, the brand, and the size. On average flat screens usually cost between $600 and $1,000. With this amount, you cannot afford it to get damaged especially not in your own hands. 

We, at Great Value Handyman ™, have been doing TV mounting installation for years. The techniques, skills, and tools we use are the secrets to our success. We make sure that your TV doesn’t get scratched or shattered. We handle your investment very carefully because we know how much money you shelled out. 

We not only offer TV mounting service but we will also help you find a space that can best support the weight of your TV. We make sure the wall can hold the brackets and TV safely. We don’t just go to your home and install your TV; we carefully study your space to make sure your TV mount will last a long time. 

#2 You Might Hurt Yourself in the Process

When you lift something heavy like a flat-screen TV you having proper posture is key. If you lift it using the wrong posture, you might injure your back. Flat-screen TVs may look light because of small and compact they look, but after lifting one you’ll quickly notice how heavy they are. In fact, some models even weigh more than a hundred pounds. 

If you attempt to carry this heavy appliance without help from anyone, you’ll end up hurting yourself while at the same time damage your TV. Why risk all these potential issues when you can trust us to do the job for you? You just have to sit back, relax and watch us do the work. 

Every move we make is calculated because we’ve done this countless times. It’s also why we are overconfident that nothing will go wrong and the entire process of TV installation will go smoothly just like always. If you recently bought a TV or you just want to get rid of your old, shabby TV rack, give us a call and we will mount your TV safely for you.

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